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About NEC Solution InnovatorsAbout NEC Solution Innovators

By Integration of wide range of industry and operations knowledge and high level SI strength, we will solve issues in optimized way and support continuous business growth.
By enforcing “ Wisdom, Technology, Human”, we will create bright society and future.

For wide range industry customers

NEC Solution Innovators provides wide range of solutions to customers in various industries. With System Engineers who are expert in each industry and utilizing our strength of high level System Integration skills using advanced ICT, we will totally support from Software development to system design, implementation, SI and operations.

Activities looking ahead of the age

Create unprecedented value for business and society. Be a pioneer to create innovation that changes the future. NEC Solution Innovators is always looking ahead of the age and perform various activities such as Research and development of Next generation technology, promotion of CSR, Improve quality and security, development of specialist, etc. We will expand new possibility of ICT by fusion and evolution of "Wisdom, Technology, Human"