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This web site is operated by NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Our Company").
When using this web site, please read these terms and conditions below and use it only when you agree to them. These terms and conditions may be changed as well, so you may check the latest version of the terms and conditions.

1. Copyright

Copyright of all contents in this web site including documentations, data, images, and voice (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Contents") has been attributed to Our Company and affiliates, and protected under various treaties and copyright law unless otherwise specified.
Except to the extent permitted by copyright for copy or citation for private use, any copy of the Contents or portion thereof (including copy, and reprint) without permission of the copyright holder is prohibited.
Furthermore, please note that any use of these Contents provided on this web site in cases expressly permitted by Our Company or copyright laws must include the copyright notice of Our Company. Also, if there is any other provisions listed in these contents, they must be complied with these provisions and copyright notice.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, this web site does not provide any permission to the intellectual property rights, copyrights of Our Company or the third party, patents, trademarks. For instance, any product, software, service described or referred in the web site regarding to the intellectual property rights is not licensed hereunder.

2. Trademark

All trademarks, logo marks, and trade names, etc. appearing on this web site are owned by Our Company, and its affiliates and are protected under Trademark Act, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, Commercial Act and their relevant laws. You may not use these marks and names without any permission from respective owners.

3. Disclaimer

Our Company does not make any warranty of accuracy, usefulness, certainty or any other kind, relating to the contents such as information appearing in this web site (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Contents"). In no event shall Our Company be liable for any loss arising out of or in connection with the use of or reliance upon the contents.

Please be informed that we may suspend or stop operating this web site. Also, we may change or delete any part of the Contents appearing in this web site without notice.

4. Export Control

When you export (including taking out to foreign countries and disclosing to non-residents of Japan) technologies/programs provided in this website or products you purchased, you must comply with "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act", "Export Administration Regulations", and other applicable laws.

5. Idea Proposal

Our Company has the policy not to accept from our customers any unsolicited proposals including ideas, designs or technologies, etc.

Please note that we have no obligation for the unsolicited proposals, including, but not limited to, reviewing, reporting, maintaining confidentiality of, and paying compensation for them.

6. Links

About web sites of third party linked from this web site

Web sites of the third party other than this web site linked from this web site or linking to this web site (hereinafter refer to as "Linked Sites") are managed under each provider's responsibility of the Linked Sites and when the customer uses these Linked Sites, please use them according to each term and condition of the Linked Sites. We do not accept responsibilities for the contents of the Linked Sites or any damages caused by using them.

About links to this web site

Please refer to "Links to this web site" for cautions when you wish to link from your web sites to this web site.

7. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The use of this web site and interpretation and application of these terms and conditions are governed by Japanese laws unless otherwise specified. Further, Tokyo District Court shall have an exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes related to the use of this web site unless otherwise specified.

8. Inquiries Regarding this Web Site

For your comments or questions regarding this web site, please contact through inquiry form on the "General Inquiry" page.

April 1, 2014