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General Inquiries

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Before making an inquiry, please confirm "Before Making Inquiry".

General Inquiry

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Before Making Inquiry

Handling of personal information

Our company ensures that personal information provided by our customers is properly managed pursuant to our company's new windowprivate information protection policy. as well as the following rules.

  1. Purpose of use of personal information
    Personal information provided by customers, access log information for viewed websites (including IP addresses and online identifiers such as cookie identifier), and inquiries made by customers, etc. are used only for the purposes indicated below:
    • Responding to inquiries from customers
    • Sending requested materials or reporting confirmed results in response to inquiries from customers
    • Providing information about related products and solutions
    • Providing information about relevant events and seminars scheduled in the future
    Personal information may also be used for the following purposes after processing it in a way that individual customers cannot be identified:
    • Activities to propose enhanced solutions in relation to our IT network solution business
      (Analysis of customer needs, product and service development and evaluation, etc.)
    • Analysis of customer behavior when accessing our company's website
  2. Provision of personal information to third parties and commissioning of service
    If it is deemed appropriate to provide customers with services by NEC and any of the NEC Group companies in Japan in accordance with the purposes aforementioned in Section 1, our company may provide the customer's name, address, phone number and other information provided by the customer to such third party companies. For a list of the NEC Group companies, please refer to new windowthis page.
    In the event that personal information is provided in this way, the data will be encrypted and sent securely via e-mail.
    In addition, we may commission a third party to render services including the handling of personal information provided by customers to the extent necessary to fulfill the purposes of use aforementioned in Paragraph 1, but we shall never provide information to any other third parties unless it is otherwise required by law or regulation.

  3. Response to inquiries
    NEC or an NEC Group company in Japan may directly contact a customer in response to an inquiry or request made by the customer. Please be advised that any inquiries received on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, other company holidays, or during non-business hours will be considered received on the next business day. Response to inquiries are sent directly to the inquirer via email. Please refrain from reproducing the content of the response in part or in whole or putting it to secondary use.

  4. Management of Personal information
    With regard to inquiries about your own personal information, requests for correction, addition or suspension of use thereof, other requests regarding customer rights, or questions about our company's management obligations, etc., customers can directly contact the contact point below to receive a response.
    Note that the personal information we obtained will be deleted by our company promptly after completing the purposes of use aforementioned in Paragraph 1.
    • Personnel responsible for handling personal information
      • Head of Corporate Planning Division, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
    • Contact point for inquiries about personal information
      • NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
        Corporate Planning Division
      • 1-18-7 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-8627 Japan
      • E-mail : inquiry-en@nec-solutioninnovators.co.jp