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Message from the President

President Kiyoshi Sugiyama
Kiyoshi Sugiyama

NEC Solution Innovators is the core ICT (information and communications technologies) company underpinning the NEC Group’s “Solutions for Society” business.

Our major business lines encompass system integration services and software development for a wide range of customers including national and local governments, enterprises, and primary industries.

The society in which we live and do business is changing rapidly and in complex ways.
Even under these conditions, our goal remains unchanged—to create a sustainable society where people can live prosperous lives.
To this end, we utilize our cutting-edge technology assets in the areas of cloud computing, SDN (Software-Defined Networking), big data, and security to create social value in the era of IoT (Internet of Things).

Through communication and collaboration with industry, government and academia, we will continue to utilize ICT to create social value and solve the issues that the world is facing.

Orchestrating a brighter world

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