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Real-Time Data Analysis

Provides real-time estimates for customer demographics

FieldAnalyst enables accurate estimation of visitors, tracking the number of customers, their ages and gender. Real-time monitoring enables establishments to better understand thier customers, to strategize marketing campaigns, alongside scene-specific needs such as limiting entry of persons during an event.

Privacy Considerations

Protecting customers by respecting their privacy

Conforming with International information privacy laws, FieldAnalyst addresses privacy concerns by only handling numeric data and not collecting any personally identifiable information. Cameras do not store any images or videos, enabling safe and secure handling of acquired data.

Consistent Estimation

Accurate Marketing Data attained through unbiased, consistent assessment.

FieldAnalyst operates 24-hours a day based on a fixed criteria, providing consistent, accurate results which exceed conventional demographic collection methods subsquently avoiding problems related to such data-collection practices.

Global Support

Meeting Demands for Global Markets

FieldAnalyst offers region-specific support for its product line addressing global demands in a wide range of facilities.

Expected Output from FieldAnalyst

FieldAnalyst estimation provides detailed customer analysis results, contributing to business expansion.

Demographic people counting

Maintain merchandise stock when and where needed

Analytics tool included

Real-time analysis for increased productivity and business flow

Demographic and location

Effective marketing and product placement based on demographic profile and location

People count and location

Identify people count in real-time to manage congestion levels

Demographic people counting

Visualize customer demands and trends to minimize costs on returns and shipment

Systematic estimation engine

Accurate data attained through unbiased, consistent assessment.