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Automatic Gender and Age Estimating System


Overview of FieldAnalyst

FieldAnalyst uses image recognition technology to automatically detect faces and estimate age, gender, and other attributes.
Since its release in 2007, FieldAnalyst has been used as a customer/visitor analysis tool in over ten countries employed at large-scale commercial facilities, shopping malls, event halls, and other venues.

Counts visitors entering and exiting, analyzes age and gender, and aggregates data in real time.

Capable of detecting faces even when individuals are wearing glasses or masks.

* Estimation with facial accesories is available as an optional features.

Considering privacy concerns, cameras do not record any images of faces and only store numeric data containing analysis results.

Ten years after initial launch, our products continue to evolve based on our extensive know-how and proven track record.

FieldAnalyst Solution Lineup

Monitor visitors entering and exiting offices, public establishments, and event venues to gain insight on audience metrics and demographics.

FieldAnalyst for Gate

~Real-time people counting and visitor demographics~
Take advantage of cameras installed at facility entrances and event venue for automated detection of visitor counts and demographic estimation.

Effective utilization of digital signage and product display shelves

FieldAnalyst for Signage

~Demographic estimation and interest level measurement~
Enable your digital signage to estimate the number of people passing by, and understand viewer demographics and interest levels. Integration with external CMS's (Content Management System) enable demographic specific content switching in real time for maximum marketing efficiency.
* Digital signage content switching available as an optional feature