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Face Recognition Access Control System


Invasion by spoofing is permitted when only ID card is used…
Hard to find a specified person even if entry/exit log is checked...
This system responds to the problems and solutions.
Authenticate card and face simultaneously when entering room. Door(electric lock) is opened for entry only when verification matches.
Usable as attendance management system since it manages entry/exit record with face image.

Operating Image

Installation Advantages

Double-check with "Face" and "ID card" Authentication

Perform double-check with Face authentication +ID card to identify the person for securer entry/exit control.

Promote Efficiency in Security Operations

Improve operational efficiency as system monitors at all times while security staff is engaged with other work.

Linkable with Various Types of ID Cards

Linkable ID Cards

  • FeliCa
  • Chameleon Code

  • Other magnetic cards

"Chameleon Code" is Also Operable

"Chameleon Code" makes double authentication by face authentication and ID authentication using single camera available


Effective as anti-false card use countermeasure for stolen and lost ID card.
Add face authentication besides ID card authentication for anti-spoofing.

Advantage of Contactless Operation

It lowers user's resistance as verification is done just passing through the camera's shooting area.

Enhance Visibility of Entry/Exit Record

You can check when and where who entered/exited the room with face image.  It enhances visibility of entry/exit record management.

Operation Available Only with a Face

Hands-free entry/exit control is available (It has the limit of the number of registrants).



  • Register face image to correlate with ID card
  • Various types of information besides face image is manageable
  • Set expiration date

Release The Lock

  • Cooperate with electric key
  • Control door opening with ID card and face authentication

Effective for VIP Handling Measures

  • Operation like this provides prior notice for an unexpected VIP visit both in and outside of the company.
  • Unexpected VIP visit can easily be detected.
    Unify customer information by the registrant information with pre-registered face and that enhances service level for VIP.

Elevator Linkage

Face authentication eliminates elevator congestion and ensures smooth floor movement.

  • Realize elevator call by face authentication.
  • Possible to move to the floor being used without touching it by registering the user's floor information.
  • Entry is also possible by linking with security gates.


  • Concern about hygiene since many people use the elevator buttons.
  • There are more than two elevators, but the queue is long and there is a long wait for the elevator.
  • It stops at every floor and only one or a few people got off even after getting on the elevator.


  • Enables touchless floor movement through face authentication, creating a stress-free and hygienic building.
  • Face authentication is possible even when wearing a mask, solving elevator congestion.
  • Provides smoother elevator operation by determining whether the elevator is on a higher or lower floor based on the user's floor information.

Connectable External Devices

Network Surveillance Indicator Light

Notify signal from network with sound/light.
Send notice with various combinations of patterns when sending alert.