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Infectious Disease Control


Hygiene awareness increases due to prolonged spread of COVID-19.
For those who hope to improve mask wearing rate at commercial facilities such as department store and supermarket, as well as at public facilities including school and hospital, and for protecting facility visitors and employees…
This solution responds to such request.

  • This product is not a medical device.  It cannot be used for temperature measurement or specification of a person with fever. This is available to allow smooth entry of people with less than standard value after combining face recognition and surface temperature of body. NEC group of companies are committed to abide by laws and guidelines for delivery of customer’s desired valuable product.


Mask Wearing Rate Improvement Support Solution

This detects person’s face without wearing mask automatically from the entrance camera capture image and notifies customers of it with sound guide and signage in a simple and easy format. It encourages visitors’ behavior of "Enter with mask" and "Not to enter without having mask" through provided "notice". This provides safe and secure environment to customer and employee through visitors’ mask wearing rate improvement.

Surface Temperature Detection Solution

Install camera for face recognition and thermal camera in front of facility entrance.
Screen display and indicator light inform administrator when the higher surface temperature of visitor’s body than the set value is measured.
It sorts the person with higher surface temperature of body out of visitors to manage entry of target person for contact risk mitigation.
We provide you with solution to reduce secondary infection risk at the office or factory.

Surface Temperature Measurement Access Control Solution

Adding to specify person by face recognition, it manages entry of person judged having high fever through surface temperature check performed by thermal camera. This has potential benefits to reduce risk that employee brings infectious virus into facility. We provide you with solution to reduce second infection risk at the office or factory.

Number of Visitors Surveillance Solution

It counts more accurate number of staying persons with entry/exit check using face recognition. Grasp and limit the number of staying persons (visitors) to avoid congestion.

Thermal Sensors

Linkable thermal sensors for NeoFace KAOATO. Please contact us for the countries our products to export.

Thermal camera manufactured by MOBOTIX AG

Two sensors including thermal sensor and visible light sensor are available to use as one camera.
Thermal image and visible image are simultaneously displayed as one camera is equipped with two sensors.

SmartXcan manufactured by KENTIX Co., Ltd. (made in Germany)

SmartXcan is contactless thermal image sensor to measure surface temperature of body. Camera for face recognition is required separately when cooperating with NeoFace KAOATO. Stress-free operation is available at the high-speed measurement of 0.6 seconds.

It is usable at the area without performing face authentiation.

Thermal Sensor manufactured by Tamron Co., Ltd.

Thermal sensor manufactured by Japanese lens manufacturer, Tamron Co., Ltd.
Camera for face recognition is required separately when cooperating with NeoFace KAOATO. 
This performs Tamron's original temperature conversion formula and measures from 10 ℃ to 100 ℃ of an object.

Kentix MultiSensor TI (made in Germany)

MultiSensor IT is a smart IoT sensor equipped with thermal image sensor.
Thermal image sensor counts number of people entering the room and people staying in the room. It also measures indoor environment simultaneously with the various types of sensors including air quality sensor. This is useful as preventive measure against infection.

It is usable at the area without performing face authentication.

Existing Opening Door: Automatic Door Operator

Face recognition cooperating with “Abloy Automatic Door Operator” provided by Locksystem Co., Ltd and it makes touchless automatic door closing and opening possible. Hygienic operation is available for infection countermeasures without touching door.