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Face Recognition Visitor Detection System


Hoping to detect specified person's visit without spending time and effort at commercial facilities and public facilities including department store, supermarket, school and hospital..
This system responds to your request.

Operating Image

System operation image at mass-merchandise store holding many floors.

Installation Advantages

Enhance Customer Service

You are ready to receive customer as this detects timing for a specified person entering the shop.
Face image can be saved as log. Smooth transition between staff and servicing customers based on the visit history become available.

Promote Operational Efficiency

Operation efficiency is improved as the system always operates while staff are on other work.


Automatic Detection

  • Searching and narrowing down visitors from live image, past image and image file are available.

  • Chronological and multilateral analysis of visitor's behavior become available with "Face search".

  • Search faces from gender and age is available (example: Male in 30's)

Visitor Search and Behavior Analysis

  • Automatic verification between the image captured by camera and the pre-registered face image of specified person become available.

  • Simultaneous detection is available 24/7.

  • Send alert notice with alert once camera captures the similar faces.

Smartphone Linkage

  • More precise handling become available as an alert information is received at place besides staff room.

  • Easy to manage this immediately with smartphone's special operability.

Smart Glasses Linkage

  • Use camera equipped with smart glasses to perform face authentication in real time.
  • Enables face authentication in locations where cameras cannot be installed and detects visitor's entry more effectively.

Linkable smart glasses to NeoFace KAOATO.

Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses

Smart glasses equipped with Android OS and communicate with PC via wireless (Wi-Fi).
Smart glasses with organic EL display and you can walk and work while wearing them.