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NEC Multi AI Platform


System Image

Structure of NEC Multi AI Platform.
This provides various functions including camera control and the video recording to the AI model corresponding to the common interface.

Product Features

Camera Control

This acquires live video from video devices including IP camera and USB camera.

Video Recording

This records acquired video on the basis of  still image.

Tag Analysis Results

This records the associated recorded video and AI analysis results with time stamp.

Alert Control

This controls alert level by threshold value setting based on the AI analysis results.

Alert Notice

This sends an alert in various types of methods including screen display, Patlite and mail.

External Device Linkage

This enables linkage with external devices including automatic door, flapper gate and elevator with contact signal and TCP notification.

Live Viewing

This displays AI analysis results on live viewing.

VMS Linkage

This enables to link with recorded video captured by MileStone XProtect.  Video analysis recorded on XProtect is also available.

Timeline Display

This displays AI analysis results with thumbnail of still image in chronological order.

Compatible AI Models


Tool kit enables  flexible edge computing system construction provided by Intel Corporation.


A Pose Estimation AI engine, enabling high-precision analysis for human skeletal and pose information, provided by NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd.
This can analyze not only camera images but also still images and videos without markers.

Chameleon Code

Two-dimensional color barcode authentication system provided by InfoFarm co., Ltd.

NEC Value-added Time Measurement Solution

This solution detects the positions of camera-captured hand / human etc. quantitatively and measures value-added time by image recognition technology provided by NEC Platforms, Ltd.

Please contact us for Compatible AI Models details.